(1) Transportation

The company is successfully performing the task of carrying the consignments to every nook and corner of the destination. The safety, swiftness and precision are ensured by maintaining a constant eagle eyed vision on all the operations. The company manages and maintains a day to day follow up and personal touch with its clientele. The services are rendered by a team that is highly professional in its approach; nevertheless it is so personalized that the esteemed clients, feel most comfortable. The company ensured that there is no communication gap between it and its clients, for which the officials of the company are duly equipped with mobile phones and email system. We are currently providing daily reporting system through email & SMS to all our prestigious clients. The company acquaints its staff with all novel inventions and improvements in the fields related with the transport industry and correspondingly provide them the necessary training for upgrading their output. The company effectively engages itself in transporting express cargo Time bound goods to full containers load

Service Included

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

We have developed specific routes all over India to move small cargo loads to give customers flexibility and economic advantage.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

When you want to transport Full Truck Load across the country, you can trust Star Group for delivering your cargo intect and on time.

32 feet Containerised Vehicles

These trucks are specially designed to provide you with a very cost effective transport solution, leading up to a 20% saving on your transportation costs.

Less than Container Load

There is an option of consolidating the cargo into a full container because sometimes sending small consignments can be expensive process. But Star Group offers its services for small cargo booking too.

Premium Car Transportation

This custom built vehicle is specially designed for the transportation of Single Premium Cars from your doorstep to destination.

Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC)

Star Group offers Over Dimensional Consignments services. Over Dimensional Consignment (ODC) are those consignments which are of extra ordinary dimensions and tonnage. We are having efficient team & technology which can handle any type of ODD Dimensions consignment. We are having facilities for special trailors, cranes and modern machines which are used for handling these ODCs.

(2) Container Movements

Star Group Provide all type of Containers 20feet, 24feet, 32feet single exle & multi exle and 20feet / 40feet flat trailor for Import-Export Container.

And we are also attached with FMCG and White Goods Industries.

(3) Project & ODC Transportation

Star Group has the capacity to take care of all your special project and ODC cargo. We provide you with a trailor made transport solution, supported by our vehicles and material. Whether your cargo is import or export, Star Group organizes a 'door-to-door' solution. Star Group has its Volvo puller and hydraulic axles to transport your heavy lifts and the rest of its fleet, (semi) low bed and normal trailers, is ready to take care of the rest of your packing list.

Service Included

Project Cargo

Our project cargo services comprise transportation of all machinery, raw materials, and other materials from the planning of the project to its coordination and final completion. Through a global infrastructure of established offices and agents providing management resources that enables us to execute your project cargo from the start up to finalization.We are committed to help our clients to choose the safest services available in order to deliver the goods in the most cost effective and efficient combination of modern and up-to-date Nationwide logistics services available.


With its expertise in the different fields of transportation Star Group has a solid knowledge on how to handle your special projects. Our fleet, including low bed, semi low bed and normal trailers, can carry all your project cargo. For the heavy lift cargo Star Group has Volvo puller and provides you with hydraulic axles to move your cargo safely and damage free to its destination.

Loading and Unloading

Loading an Unloading of project cargo, especially heavy lifts, requires a proper understanding of the cargo, the proper material to be used and careful handling by the loaders. Star Group understands the costliness of your shipment and hires the best people to do the job.

Road Surveys

India's road infrastructure can be tricky. In order to safely transport your cargo, a proper road survey will be done in order to avoid any unexpected bottlenecks during transportation.

Lashing and Leashing

Lashing and Leashing of your cargo is a separate technique. In a joint team with the loaders we make sure your cargo is securely fastened for transportation so that it arrives without damage.

We also execute Heavy lifts, long lengths, high volume and turnkey contracts through our nationwide warehousing, undertake site and route surveys, produce SOP’s and liaise with relevant bodies.

We specialize in providing customized solutions for the safe conveyance of over dimensional, heavy and bulky cargo.

For over-dimensional loads travelling over the road, we offer specialized heavy lift forklifts, and the necessary equipment to secure them.

Over Dimensional Cargo Movement are always handled with complete and careful co ordination keeping in mind project schedules as well as all aspects and possibilities available.

(4) Warehousing

Warehousing is a complex part of the supply chain. Star Group offer warehouses facility for secure storage and are capable to handle the client’s requirement in terms of growth and expansion thus helps them to expand their business venture. We are having our offices and warehouses almost in every major city of India. Our trained personnel make sure that the goods retain safe and sound while stored in the warehouse.

(5) Packing and Moving

Star Group, has a division of packing and moving that provides you the best, reliable and cost-effective packing & moving services for all around India. With having a vast experience in shifting services, we offer packing services - household goods, commercial goods and cars.